Twitter tools

Twitter tools

Key Hashtags:

#foamed (Free open access Meducation)
#hcsm (healthcare communication and social media)
#hitsm – Healthcare IT Social Media

Who to follow:

Osmosis Med
– Great pearls for Step 1 and 2, their facebook site is useful to follow as well.

Learn the Heart
– Great overall medicine pearls, a good primer for entering clinicals.

– PharmD who gives great clinical advice about common meds. Not advanced enough for residents, but great resource for medical students.

– Short USMLE pearls, multiple pearls a day

Salim Rezaie
– Internal medicine and Emergency medicine boarded physician with fantastic pearls. Often uses graphics to get points across.

Scrub Wards
– Gamification app that has great pearls (Refer to the app review performed for this app)

Canada QBank
– Helpful for even US students, great multimedia usage in the twitter feed.

David Reel Dx
– sample clinical cases

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