E8: Tips on Being a Peer Reviewer / Sonia Crandall

In this episode, Dr. Sonia Crandall details how to be a great peer reviewer of journal articles. 

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Resources and Links:

10 tips for reviewing scientific manuscripts – and 5 red flags by Joseph Alpert, MD 

 Step by step guide to reviewing a manuscript by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 

How to review manuscripts — your ultimate checklist by Hannah Foreman 

 AAMC Review Criteria for Research Manuscripts (95 page reference) 

 Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) Program  


E1: Giving Effective Feedback/ Dr. Dave Manthey

Welcome to the premiere episode of FacDev4me! In this episode, Dr. Randy Clinch interviews Dr. Dave Manthey about Giving Effective Feedback.

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Resources and Links: 

TOLDAS mnemonic for key aspects of feedback: http://www.kumc.edu/school-of-medicine/som-faculty-affairs-and-development-(fad)/preceptor-resources/preceptor-pearls/toldas-mnemonic-for-key-aspects-of-feedback.html


Cantillon Peter, Sargeant Joan. Giving feedback in clinical settings BMJ 2008; 337 :a1961
doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.a1961 (Link) 


Kornegay JG, Kraut A, Manthey D, et al. Feedback in Medical Education: A Critical Appraisal. AEM Educ Train. 2017;1(2):98-109. Published 2017 Mar 22. doi:10.1002/ ( Link)