E3: Tips on Small Group Facilitating/ Dr. Tim Peters

E3: Tips on Small Group Facilitating/ Dr. Tim Peters

In Episode 3 of FaceDev4me, Dr. Randy Clinch talks with Dr. Tim Peters about tips to facilitate a small group discussion. 

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One thought on “E3: Tips on Small Group Facilitating/ Dr. Tim Peters

  1. Jennifer Jackson

    I especially appreciate tip #5: “Summarize at the end of a small group session.”

    Effectively, I think of this part of a small group session as the ‘debrief’–a facilitated, reflective post-event analysis of a learning encounter. A debrief for a small-group session need not be long in order to be effective (in fact, it’s better if it isn’t, especially the parts where the facilitator is the one talking, as Tim said); but at the very least, it should include an opportunity for learners to identify important take-home points and have time for learner reflection, as an important goal of a debrief is for the learner to integrate the lessons learned into one’s cognition.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Tim!

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