Pathology apps and mobile tools

Pathology apps and mobile tools

Pathology apps and mobile tools

The goal of these pathology apps and resources is to help students study for Step 1, as well as supplement the knowledge you learn from the Pathology course . It’s important to realize these apps should only be used as a supplement to the material already presented by Pathology instructors in our School of Medicine.

While students already have access to Pathoma, these apps can further help you study “on the go”.

Mobile Pathology Apps

Rubin’s Pathology Flash Cards:

These are over 2000 flash cards provided for free that go over Rubin’s Pathology. These flashcards can be used to help study for Step 1. The app hasn’t been updated since 2011, but the actual content is what’s important.

The interesting quirk about this app is there is an updated one called “Rubin’s Pathology Lippincott’s” – but that one costs over $40 to use. The content is essentially the same but it’s a new app. Obviously — try the free version first.

The problem with this app is it’s not available for the Android platform. It is available for the iPhone, and can be utilized on the iPad. Since it hasn’t been updated in several years, the user interface still formats for the old iPhone 4 screen.

In the video I demonstrate how you can use the app for studying on the go.

iTunes Link

Cost: Free

My video demonstration:

The version of Rubin’s Pathology Flash cards that is updated costs $44.99 and is available for Android.

Android Link: As mentioned, the Android version costs $44.99 to buy the app

iTunes University

As mentioned in the prior Psychiatry article, iTunes University is something that can be utilized by any desktop operating system. While it looks best on the iPhone or iPad, you can download iTunes and access these courses on your computer as well.

Pathology Mini – Tutorials

These are video demonstrations of pathology that are two to six minutes long. These are fantastic for quick bursts of mobile learning. Examples of Pathology covered are Aneurysms, Heart Valve disease, Atheroma, and several others.

The content was originally designed to be supplemental pathology learning for Nottingham medical students created by Dr. Geoffrey Hulman – but the University has made it publically available for all medical students to use.

If you have an iPhone or iPad – you can utilize your mobile devices to view these short bursts of information (by using the iTunes University app). If you don’t, you can still view the slides and information by downloading iTunes to your computer and using the link provided.


Cost: Free

My video demonstration:


Quizlet is an app that enables you to make flashcards and then share them with the general community. Over the past 2 years, there have been an explosion of medical students who have made cards for their peers.

In the video I show how the app is fantastic for finding sets of flash cards that have already been premade. Obviously, caution should be used when using these cards to make sure the information in correct. Make sure to read who created the cards and how. It might be better to search for the specific card sets on from your desktop first, and then using your iPhone or Android device for studying.



Price: Free

My video demonstration:

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