Apps to utilize during anatomy block

Apps to utilize during anatomy block

Apps to utilize during anatomy block

Anatomy apps were some of the first medical related apps introduced when the App Store was rolled out for the iPhone 3G.

Due to the rich multimedia that can be displayed on new smartphone operating systems, phones become a great conduit for learning during your Anatomy block.

Because of the popularity of anatomy apps, finding ones that are useful for medical students is difficult because there are more than 500 anatomy related apps in the various smartphone app stores.

Anatomy apps can also be prohibitively expensive as well, such as Netter’s – costing almost $100.

In the following list of anatomy apps, you will find ones that are significantly more cost effective than Netter’s and better.

Deciding on which anatomy app to download isn’t clear-cut, much of it will depend on your own preference, and your own learning style. For the following apps that are being recommended, it’s important to view the videos to understand the overall functionality of the app.

Instant Anatomy Lectures – by Andrew Whitaker

Andrew Whitaker is a Pediatric Urologist who teaches anatomy at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He has a huge collection of anatomy apps in the App Store. In total, he has 10 apps.

One of the cool things Dr. Whitaker has done is bundle some of his apps. If you go to this link, you will see how you can purchase a collection of six lecture apps for $31.99, instead of what those apps would have cost individually in total — $41.94.

It’s important to note that in the bundle of apps, you have a lecture series. While most of Dr. Whitaker’s apps are lecture based, as you can see in the video, he also has non-lecture based apps as well.

One that students should consider purchasing is the Instant Anatomy Flash Cards. This app only cost $4.99, and you get access to over 500 flash cards.

One of the best ways to utilize Dr. Whitaker’s apps might be to only download the lecture series based on the system in anatomy you might be struggling with, and then getting his set of flash cards.

Cost: Bundled the apps cost $31.99. Individual system lectures range from $3.99 to $10.00. Interestingly enough, for Android devices, the cost of apps is cheaper.

iTunes Link

Android Google Play Link

My Video Review:

Neuroanatomy – Draw it to know it

Neuroanatomy is one of the toughest blocks in Anatomy, and having apps that specifically help during the block are important.

This app contains more than 100 neuroanatomy tutorials, and is based on the Neuroanatomy book, “Draw it to know it”, by Dr. Adam Fisch.

In the video I show you how you can select various learning plans from within the app. The app has several different pricing options. It’s free to download – but offers in-app purchases that range from access to key content, to subscription packages.

Refer to the below picture to see the various in-app purchases you can make.

Screenshot 2014-10-02 05.30.05

One of the novel things about this app is the ability to “draw it out” – as the title suggests. I show this feature in the video review of the app below.

iTunes Link

Android Link: The app is not available for Android, but there is an Android textbook available. Before paying the the textbook, download the Free Sample so see how it looks on your Android phone or tablet.

My Video Review:

Netter’s anatomy Atlas

Netter’s Anatomy Atlas is only available for the iPad – which is not ideal as much of Anatomy learning can happen while you’re on the go – and on your smartphone.

It costs $89.99 and is an app you should avoid purchasing.  Take a serious look at the other apps in this list before considering purchasing this one.

Netter’s does offer a free version of their app that contains 14 plates. Definitely download the abbreviated free version so you can learn from it, but more importantly, to see if the full version would be worth purchasing for you.  In the following set of anatomy apps I’m going to list you will see much more cost effective apps that do a great job of helping you learn anatomy.

iTunes (Link to the Free version)
Android: There is not a full Netter’s Android version

“3D” anatomy:

The rest of the anatomy apps listed utilize the “3D” display.  From the videos you will get a better idea of what this means.  The apps give you a 3D representation of the human body, and you are able to see various layers of anatomy — ranging from the skeletal to the nervous system.  They utilize a “pin” system, that enables you to test your memory, and some of them offer high level functionality that will be discussed as well.

Pocket Anatomy

Pocket Anatomy presents you with 3D structures of males and females, and using pins enables you to tag and identify various anatomic parts.

One of the nice features about this app is the quiz section that somewhat simulates the feel of an anatomy practical.

The app is a one shop stop for anatomy learning as it covers all your key systems. It’s not as clean as some of the another apps mentioned here — but comes from a company that has been working in the iOS platform for several years now.  It’s currently priced at $25, pretty low considering the amount of content contained.

One of the other nice things about Pocket Anatomy is when you download the app you get the full version.  Unlike most of the other apps mentioned within this list, there are no “in-app’ purchases,

Price: $25.00

iTunes Link
Android Link: Currently not available for Android

My Video Review:

Visual anatomy

Visual Anatomy is the cheapest app mentioned here, coming in at $2.99. The app is similar to pocket anatomy but is not as polished. For the price, it contains a significant amount of content and hits the main organ systems. In the video I show you how the pin function works, and the app also gives muscle innervation information as well.

Unlike the other apps mentioned in this list, the app does not come from an established app developing company — but you can’t beat this price.  There is a “Lite” version of this app you can download for free to test before downloading the full version.

Price: $2.99

iTunes Link
Android Link ($2.65)

My Video Review:

Essential Anatomy 4

Essential Anatomy 4 is produced by, a company that has dominated the anatomy learning ecosystem on mobile platforms.

The app is $24.99 to download, but also has two in-app purchases that I have shown below – Muscle System and Skeletal System:

Screenshot 2014-10-02 05.59.08

Essential Anatomy is the Cadillac of the “3D” anatomy learning apps. The app has a host of features I go over in the video section. You can take notes, isolate anatomical parts, have anatomic parts called out to you, and a host of other features.

The app has a whole website dedicated to teaching you how to use the large number of features it has available.

Out of the anatomy apps mentioned in this list — you can’t go wrong with Essential Anatomy 4 — it’s the best one, and while not the cheapest, the price point is reasonable when compared to other anatomy texts.

iTunes Link

Android Link

Price: $24.99 (no including other in-app purchases)

My Video Review:

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