Apps and modules for learning to read chest x-rays on the wards

Apps and modules for learning to read chest x-rays on the wards

Apps and modules for learning to read chest x-rays on the wards

2) Radiopaedia

Radiopaedia is a great app that is similar to the Chest X-ray Training app that was just mentioned, but with even greater details and better annotations. It follows a case based format, presenting a patient and a chief complaint, then going through various features you should be looking for on chest x-rays.

You can download the app for free but the various modules contained within the app range from $0.99 to $4.99. The pertinent modules that students should consider downloading are the following:

Chest x-rays Volume 1: 20 cases ($1.99)
Chest x-rays Volume 2: 22 cases ($1.99)
Musculoskeletal System (upper limb fractures and dislocations): 24 cases ($2.99)
Pediatrics Volume 1: 15 cases ($0.99)

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The cost per case is higher than the Chest X-ray Training app, however, Radiopaedia’s cases have more detail, and highlight more key concepts than the Chest X-ray Training app.

Essential cases to download are Volume 1 and 2 of the Chest X-ray series. For your pediatrics rotation, the Pediatric Volume will be useful. For your Emergency Medicine rotation, the MSK module will be useful. When downloading the MSK module, make sure to get the “Upper Limb Fractures and Dislocations” module — don’t get the “tumor like bone lesions” — not useful for medical students.

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You can also access a lot of free content on their website, — search by “chest x-ray” to get relevant cases presented to you.

It’s important to note that Radiopaedia at times gets too detailed in some of the case presentations. As a medical student or resident, you don’t need to know everything they present. Your focus should be on the cases you see frequently in the hospital setting, e.g. congestive heart failure, pneumonia, etc.

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